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The Discovery Museum holds some of the great inventions by North East men and women. The 'Turbinia' was designed by the Tyneside engineer Sir Charles Parsons in 1894. Local landowner Christopher Leyland, who lived at Haggerston Castle, was the backer and skipper of the Turbinia. Experimental hulls for the Turbinia were tested on the lake on his estate. The Turbinia was the world's first steam turbine driven ship, and the world's fastest, travelling at speeds up to 34.5 knots, until 1899.

The 'Adventurer', a trimaran, holds the record for the fastest circumnavigation of the world - seventy four days, twenty hours, fifty eight minutes. The main hull design was based on the Turbinia and the 350 bhp engines were built by Cummins at Darlington.

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